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Safety Screen Window Guards

Inc. is a manufacturer of custom and standard sized guards for windows, doors, and HVAC units. We secure classrooms & school buildings, city, county and government buildings, parks & recreation buildings, community centers and more. Our Safety Screens are:
  • Recommended and approved by County Fire Departments for school security
  • The #1 security window guards and glass door security screens for Schools
  • Designed for installation in interior or exterior window applications
  • Recommended by State Architect designers, School Facility & Maintenance Directors and Building Safety Managers
  • Allow for Quick Egress, as required by local fire department codes on school security windows
  • We ship to the lower 48 contiguous states, with installation available if needed
"Even after we had security windows and an alarm system installed for school security, we had yet another burglary. Since having Safety Screen window guards installed, they have stopped intruders completely from breaking in. We havenít had a problem since."

Joe Palmer
Emergency / Disaster Preparedness Coordinator
Phoenix, Arizona
Fire Department Approved Life Safety Quick Egress
"An immediate payback! Where your security window guards were installed we have saved literally thousands of dollars in vandalism costs."

Mark Swan
Director of Facilities & Maintenance
Evergreen School District - San Jose, CA
"We've had Safety Screens installed on some of our schools and are very satisfied; they are fast and efficient. We were having trouble with school security and were searching for school security windows to stop break-ins and theft we had with the other "BAR TYPE" guards.
Now, the kids donít get that prison feel that you get with the bars."

Jerry Valentine
San Joaquin County Office of Education - Stockton, CA
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